Today’s protest: third-level students

Protest moving up Nassau StAn estimated 25,000 students are expected to be taking part in protests against the government’s proposed increase of third-level fees.

Not sure if they got the predicted numbers but there’s a pretty good turn out all the same.

The pensioner’s protest still wins for sheer volume though.

Favourite placard spotted read as follows:

“I’m too stupid to immigrate”

First of many before next month’s budget?

*** Edit at 13:54 ***

Students still making their way to the Dáil – this is possibly the biggest protest I’ve ever seen

*** End edit ***

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3-hour taxi protest is underway

Members of the Irish Taxi Council are staging a protest at the moment around the country.

In Dublin, participating taxis are refusing to take passengers until around 3PM. They have promised not to engage in any illegal activity like last week when they blocked the Luas tracks on the northside and closed O’Connell St to traffic as a result during rush-hour.

The protest route will see drivers on a ‘go-slow‘ from Parnell St to Kildare St where they will loop back to Parnell St via Molesworth St and Westmoreland St.

An all-out stoppage of taxi services from ITC members is planned for Monday next.

Protest counter hits a lovely round number of 20 just over a year since launch.

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Youth Against Dole Cuts

Yesterday afternoon the newly formed ‘Youth Against Dole Cuts’ marched their way up to government buildings.

Afraid it was a rather busy day beyond the DWTSOT window and I didn’t get any snaps but their song was heard and it’s good enough to register on the counter.

They’re on Facebook here and footage of an earlier demo is on Vimeo too.

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