Just a blogger blogging about what’s happening around me. I work in an office on the 3rd floor of a building on the corner of Nassau Street and Dawson Street. Over the past few months, I’ve watched the Irish economy take a serious tumble and along with that, many groups of angry citizens taking to the streets of Dublin voicing their disatisfaction with the government over various issues.

I’ve never witnessed so many marches, protests and strikes in such a short space of time in my lifetime. I also happen to be in the vicinity of of government buildings and thus, I have regularly had my day disturbed by the shouts, whistles, drums & megaphones of protestors on the streets below. I’m experiencing an extraordinary point in our history and somehow feel compelled to keep some sort of record of what’s happening around me.

This blog is currently in version 0.0.2 (very early in development). If you’ve any ideas/suggestions/opinions send them on to hello@downwiththatsortofthing.com.


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