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Today’s protest: SIPTU & the traveller community

Been a while since anyone has taken to the streets of Dublin to voice their dissatisfaction but today saw a return to marching form with a sizeable crowd heading for Kildare St this afternoon in full voice. From the view I had it appears to be SIPTU and groups representing the travelling community – if [...]

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Dublin Bus drivers on unofficial picket at Harristown garage

Radio news reports and the RTE News website is reporting disruption to many services out of the Harristown bus depot of Dublin Bus (close to Dublin Airport) where around 100 drivers are picketing the garage. The reason for their discontent appears to stem from changes to be introduced to Dublin Bus services today and tomorrow [...]

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Taxis out protesting in Dublin City presently

  I thought they were only supposed to be meeting to discuss further action today but it seems a large number of taxis are out on protest today making noise and twisting their taxi plates sideways as they drive through Dublin today. They made enough noise to annoy me while at work so the counter [...]

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