More taxi protests for Dublin?

Taxi-protestThe “Taxi Drivers For Change” (TDFC) campaign took to the streets on wheels on Thursday, finally hitting their city centre destination at government buildings around 1.30pm, about an hour later than originally scheduled. The group claim that some 2,500 taxis made the journey from the three designated starting points around the city for the protest on Kildare Street while the Irish Times reports the figure was around 1,000, according to Garai on duty. Taxis continued to arrive into the city centre in groups leaning on car horns until about 3.30pm that afternoon.

It’s unclear how effective their stand has been thus far although speaking to one driver on Thursday evening, he felt as though they were making a difference and how their campaign had “really started to snowball”. Details of further protests haven’t been out lined but the TDFC website is telling visitors to “Keep an eye here for updates on the next Protest!”.

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